"If anything I say in my blog helps to improve cruising, that's my reward."

My wife and I are regular cruisers and we started 2018 off with a back-to-back cruise on the P&O Ventura to the Canary Islands and the Atlantic coast. We had some specific destinations that were "must see" but we were left disappointed and concerned over what occurred on these cruises. The details are here.

Since retiring I have concentrated on my main hobby which is electronics and software authoring. Those of you who build websites for a living will realise that HTML is not my forte. I also became a Mystery Shopper for a number of agencies including those that send agents onto cruise ships. Have I ever had an assignment on a cruise ship? I can't tell you of course as I am bound not to reveal where my assignments have taken me and if I deny having a cruise ship assignment, I might have to lie which I am not prepared to do.

I have learnt a lot of lessons regarding retailing, customer service and the presentation of goods and services to customers so, perhaps, I have an eye for things that others do not notice. It is not my intention to be critical unless it is warranted and where I am, I try to balance my criticism with praise. I'm afraid that the, all too common, reaction to poor service etc. is to ignore it and hope it goes away. There's an old saying; "If things don't change they'll stay as they are!". If no one complains or makes a vendor or supplier aware of a problem, how will anything change or improve?

As a Mystery Shopper, I was employed to test how businesses related to customers and dealt with complaints. I had to test procedures by trying out products, making test purchases or returning goods. Believe me, a lot of larger corporations spend a lot of money making sure that customers get the best goods and services.

I have acquired a very good understanding of UK Consumer Rights over the years and have helped many others get what they were entitled to from suppliers and retailers when things have gone wrong. In fact, I actively encourage people to get what they are rightfully entitled to even if it involves resorting to action in the Courts.

Do not let any person or business take advantage of you in any way! The majority of businesses are honest and deliver what they say they will, a minority are dishonest and will try to take your money without fulfilling their side of the bargain or, when things go wrong, deny you your legal rights.

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"Do only that which is right and may your God go with you"