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 I don't claim to know everything and keep learning every day but, what I present on this site has been tried and tested by me. A lot of the information here is the result of my own research after reading so much nonsense on forums and other tutorials for instance, the difficulties of programming ATmega328-P devices as opposed to ATmega328P. I saw so many workarounds that it made my head spin so, I thought, why not fix the problem rather than endlessly talk about it? I did fix the problem with a simple, one line, change to the original ArduinoISP sketch.

Although I am not a software person  do try my hand at writing sketches and libraries and, from time to time, correcting and altering the work of others. This is not to say that other author's work is in any way lacking but sometimes coding mistakes are not spotted before publishing sketches or libraries. If I spot a problem I will try to correct it.Computer engineering is my background and programming is definitely not although I have been programming computers since the mid 70s when 1K of memory was a luxury and you wrote code to do a job in the best way you could using the least memory. The tools we had then were simple and mostly "Basic" (forgive the pun) and anything else cost a fortune. If, like me, everything you knew about programming was self taught, you got into bad habits and I'm afraid I still have them.My first non-homebrew computer boasted 12K or ROM which contained the entire Operating System and a fantastic 16K of RAM. It had a monochrome monitor and ran at 1MHz.

Things have moved on since those days and even the standard Atmega328 has far more power than my original shop-bought computer.I worked in the Radio Controlled modeling industry in my early years but gave up flying before Digital Proportional Radio Control became popular. I flew using "Reed" equipment which, the older readers will remember I'm sure. I have kept up my interest in servo systems and latterly stepper motors and their applications so I will be including robotics in these tutorials as time permits.If anyone wants to suggest subjects for tutorials, feel free to do so!

If you would like to contact me, e-mail Phil, at: 

If I have made a mistake anywhere or you have a better solution, please let me know. If you just want to snipe and criticise just for the sake of it i.e. Troll, don't bother contacting me as I will ignore your emails.

I'm afraid that I cannot provide solutions or advice other than that shown on this website. If you are a student, do the research and gather the data but do not e-mail me asking me to provide a solution for your course work!

I am always happy to hear of solutions to problems and will happily publish them here if they will help others. Good luck!

Reverend Phil Morris

"May your God go with you"
"Do only that which is right!"