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All downloads are provided in ZIP format. These files are provided with no guarantee but they have all been tested and proven to work.

No responsibility can be taken for any loss or damage resulting from their use!"

BoardStuff's Arduino_ISP Multi sketch - An Arduino_ISP sketch with enhancements which can be used with breadboard bootloading and fuse setting but is best used with BoardStuff's UNO Multi programming Shield

MsfTimeLib - A library which decodes and provides MSF time in various formats. Full details are given in the MsfTimeLib.h file preamble

Streaming.h - A template for the Arduino IDE (use just like any other library) which gives COUT functionality to replace those repetitive print statements, also works with other output types such as SoftwareSerial, LCD libraries etc.; example:



Serial << "ABC" << millis() << _HEX(millis()) << endl;

VirtualWire 1.27 - The VirtualWire library for the 433MHz RF Module tutorial

Phil's VirtualWire Update - The VirtualWire library, as above, with corrections, which works with the 433MHz module sketches discussed

Phil's VirtualWire Examples - The sketches discussed in the 433MHz RF Module tutorial

The SD_MOD library - A modified SD library which allows restarting the SD Card and support for the Atmega1284 AVR


Contributor's Downloads:

Peter Balcombe's MSF synchronised LCD clock sketch for the Arduino UNO

Peter Balcombe's Simple Home Monitoring System using the nRF24L01 Modules